Friday, January 10, 2014

It's time for the world to stop screwing around with coffee.

I didn't say anything when cinnamon dusted cappuccino and carmel drizzled  venti skim lattes became commonplace. I kept my mouth shut when hazelnut, vanilla and mocha got popular. but  come on... RED VELVET CUPCAKE Coffee???? No No No.

Coffee used to be a challenge, a dark, rich, slightly bitter challenge. It was the beverage of the people. It was what artist, actors and writers drank before and after the bar scene. It kept you going and kept you company.

This pumpkin, peppermint and brown sugar cinnamon crazy coffee exploitation has got to stop. Let's get back to basics, coffee with cream, coffee with cream and sugar, coffee black. 

Can you picture de Kooning putting down his paintbrush and picking up his RED VELVET LATTE?

I think not. :)