Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Personality of the Flower

So I had my first workshop. It was fun to have people in my studio and I was quite inspired by their work. Just like anything that is new, I thought of plenty of things I could do better. But overall it was good.

I have continued to work with the Paper Whites, I have to say I really don't love painting white flowers. I made a few more paintings before I made one that I liked, one that felt like me and captured the personality of the flower. The more I pushed the stiffer, tighter and crappier the paintings got. 

Because I'm Happy, pastel 12x 16ish 

I'm gearing up for February's flower which is the rose. No white flowers for a while. I also have two primroses calling to me and some pink Gerbera daisies. 

I was fortunate to have a studio visit by a lovely 11 year old girl and her Mom. I was so impressed with her enthusiasm. She has her own studio space complete with easel set up in her basement and went directly from my studio to the art supply store to get some pastels. I don't know who had more fun. I think maybe it was me.

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