Thursday, February 5, 2015

Some say a rose....

This week I am gearing up for the next class in the painting seasonal flowers series. In honor of Valentines Day, the flower for February is the rose. 

Last week I bought a bunch of two-tone pink roses at Wegmans. I conditioned them in cold water and then cut the stems on an angle. I kept them in my living room to enjoy while they opened a little and then moved them to the cooler studio to work with them.

I did several studies of a single open rose. I am focusing on staying loose even in my drawings. I don't do anything formal in these, I just keep turning the paper and draw. I ran out of drawing paper so I used some crappy watercolor paper that I don't use for painting.

I started with 2 roses in a turquoise glass vase placed in my "shadow box" with a light.

I am using Createx pure pigments on Wallis paper for under painting.  I used some bright clear colors for the under painting over a quick charcoal sketch.

Putting an individual stamp on a painting of a rose is quite a challenge. I am working on keeping my painting looses, colorful and full of energy and unique.

 I working on color variations next....